terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

Equador - A Nice Surprise

Day before yesterday we mooved from Piuna to Loja in Equador . As a miracle, the desert is gone and the green is back. Today me and Chris rode 700km ! A Tought journey because we had to pic up our spouses.
Trudy is arriving tonight and Marcia tomorrow.
On todays journey , we saw a beautifull Country, with lots of small properites, much more cleaner and organized than Peru, and like a miracle , nobody honks their horns.

In Peru that is very bad. For any reason, people is beeping...... so it became a huge polution.

The road from Loja to Cuenca is very nice, with good curves, and a very good asphalt. From Cuenca to Quito the situation gets complicated. The road is not bad, but the traffic increase ten-fold.

Getting in Quito is an adventure, its difficult and confusing. And everybody runs a lot and passes you by the right, the left, above , under.....

So after 13h 30min we arrrived at the Marriott Hotel in Quito.

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